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We use the latest generation of Google Analytics 4 to understand your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, ads, content and products. 

Google Analytics 4 Agency


Google Analytics 4 is the newest version of Google Analytics recently announced by Google – which will substitute old Universal Analytics very soon.
It is a new generation of web and mobile analytics (a totally new data model) that helps marketers to effectively analyze all important user usage metrics and online behavior.

Google Analytics 4 tracks the entire user journey across all platforms/channels and leverages AI and machine learning to provide more detailed insights into how users interact with your websites and apps with very complex reports and data analyses. GA4 is very good in cross-device tracking and data integrations between multiple streams – for example, website, android app, iOS app.
GA4 is also focused on user privacy. It is aligned with the latest privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA.

With privacy-first user tracking, cross-channel data measurement, and AI-driven predictive analytics, GA4 is one of the most advanced user analytics tools that provide top-level insights about your website, apps, content, campaigns or ads.


The goal is to understand what is working well,
and what is lagging behind.

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 Strategy

Tagging & analytics strategy

We build an advanced & comprehensive analytics strategy which is really relevant for your business goals. We create a measurement strategy based on proper tracking implementation and actionable insight analyses.

Analytics data collection

Data collection and management

To understand user behaivor, we need to collect the right data which is 100% accurately measured and segmented. We integrate data from multiple sources to have ongoing user tracking to get a complete picture of user behavior and campaigns performance, both on mobile and web.

Google Analytics Data Reports

Data analysis and insights

We utilize behavioral analysis to see how users are interacting with our landing pages and advertising campaigns. We identify all important trends and patterns, try to understand why those trends are happening, and find out why specific user segments will become high-quality leads or purchasers.

Data reporting and visualisation

Reporting and visualization

We build and automate real-time, interactive reports and dashboards in order to visualize how users are interacting with your digital assets and which digital touchpoints are really giving value to your business.

HOW Google Analytics 4 REPORTS LOOK LIKE

We help companies increase growth

We build and automate real-time, interactive reports and dashboards in order to visualize how users are interacting with our campaigns and which digital touchpoints and advertising channels are really giving value to your business.

The major goal is to make smarter, data-driven marketing and product decisions based on actionable data insights.

Google Looker Studio Interactive Dashboard for Reporting

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