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Discover winning digital strategies, learn which ads are best performing and build more profitable campaigns

Get powerful insights and creative inspiration

We will send you the best-performing creatives in your market or niche, detect winning campaigns and most digital marketing funnels – so you can get inspiration for your own strategy.
We help you stay up-to-date with your competitor’s video, social, display, in-app and search advertising strategies and landing page structures they are using.


Social Media Content and Ads

Get insights about your competitor’s Facebook and Instagram and TikTok strategies, ads and advertising data.


Display and Video advertising

Get data from all major Programmatic & Display media inventory (including mobile apps) and YouTube.


Mobile apps

Get all the relevant insights to understand the marketing and product activities of any mobile app. (on Apple Store and Google Play)


Search engines

In-depth paid and organic keyword research.
Discover your competitors’ most profitable keywords, search ads, SEO strategy, SERP positions & content collaborations

All Our Services

PPC Advertising & Marketing Automation Agency

Competitive Insights and Advertising Intelligence


Get a comprehensive and customized report of your competitor’s or industry leaders’ ad strategies, creative assets, marketing funnels, search engine rankings, domain authority, inbound links portfolio, audience targeting & landing pages.

Paid Advertising (PPC) Audit and Optimization


Evaluate your PPC strategy (Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Youtube, TikTok and Linkedin Ads) by looking at the ad accounts structure, performance, cost, and ROI.
We can then help you optimize your advertising campaigns.


Google Analytics Audit and Strategy (GA4)

Evaluate your current analytics implementation. We will create a sustainable analytics strategy so you can understand your site or mobile app users and better evaluate the performance of your marketing, ads, content, and products. and lift conversions, engagement, and retention.


Technical SEO & External Links Audit

We can conduct a technical audit to ensure that your website aligns with the best Google on-site SEO practices and has good crawlability and performance. We also can provide you with your overall backlink profile and remove potentially toxic links.


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Ask Us Anything!

Is Ad Inteligencer self-serve platform

No. We are humans which provide tailor-made and personilised reports which suits your business needs.

Which data sources are you using?

We have access to all best-in-class competitive intelligence platforms and online research tools. Depending on your targeted industry and geo-location we will use the most efficient mix of realibile sources

Why to choose Ad Inteligencer?

We will feed you with actionable insights and competitive information which can really help you grow and save you thousands of dollars which you would invest in testing your ads, communication, landing pages and marketing funnels.

For whom is Ad Intelligencer?

For everyone who wants to get personalized and detailed research that provides business value and doesn't want to pay 5-10x more for subscription-based high-end market research platforms. Most of our clients are business leaders, marketing executives, digital products marketers, digital strategists, e-commerce strategists, PPC/SEO/Ads specialists, media planners/buyers - from different brands and agencies.

What is our pricing model?

We have a "one-time fee model" for generating the custom report for your company/brands, but if you want ongoing reports of your competitor activity we can also provide subscribsion packages. Please send us your basic details so we can send you pricing (depending on your industry and available data which we have).

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Can i see an example report?

Yes of course. keep and mind that every report is unique and contain different data depending on the package, client, competitors, and market leaders activities and of data available in targeted countries.

Send me a sample report